I’m an interdisciplinary leader with a focus on UX management and product strategy.

With an extensive background in engineering, design research, trend forecasting, and interaction design - I’m uniquely poised to help your company turn complex ideas into successful products. 

What drives me

Too often, technology with great potential fails because the experience doesn’t meet customer expectations. My passion is unlocking that potential.

What I do

Director of User Experience, Research, and Strategy

Purple Innovation

​UX Management - 45%

  • Leading a team of 12 designers and researchers.

  • Mentoring and challenging my team.

  • Defining and guiding the team's Design Process.

  • Overseeing ideation and testing.

UX Strategy - 35%

  • Identifying new market and technology opportunities.

  • Creating a long term strategic roadmap.

  • Defining MVP's and phased release plans.

  • Creating new research and testing strategies for discovering customer gaps.

Business Strategy - 10%

  • Defining business objectives.

  • Budgeting and resource allocation.

  • Exploring partnership opportunities.

  • Executive alignment.

Marketing - 10%

  • Consult on user perceptions to marketing initiatives.

  • Collaborate on web/email campaigns.

What I Do Pie Chart Purple.png

Some of my recent work.


Velop: Rethinking Wi-Fi

Velop is a mesh Wi-Fi router I designed at Linksys that refocused the company towards providing better coverage and ease of use.

My Role

Sr. Manager of UX/UI and Co-Product Manager

App-Based Router Setup

The innovative Linksys app-based router setup that initially rolled out with Velop has grown to be the standard for all future Linksys routers. It is used thousands of times a day. 

My Role

Sr. Manager of UX/UI and Co-Product Manager


Linksys App Redesign

A complete redesign of the Linksys iOS and Android apps that are used by more than 5 million users to control their wi-fi.

My Role

Sr. Manager of UX/UI and Product Manager


Previous work:

If you’re curious about older or smaller projects feel free to reach out via email.

Hi, I'm Daniel

I have a background as a design leader, an entrepreneur, a software engineer and a cognitive scientist.

I studied artificial intelligence as an undergrad and human-computer interaction in grad school with a specialization in human origins.