Hi, I'm Daniel

I am a design leader with a background as a consultant, entrepreneur, a software engineer and a cognitive scientist.

I studied artificial intelligence as an undergrad and human-computer interaction in grad school with a specialization in human origins.

How I got started in user experience

In college I decided to merge my interests in neurobiology and computer science to study computational cognitive science with a focus just on artificial intelligence.


As the cognitive science department at my university had been run by Don Norman, many of the classes focused on human computer interaction (HCI). I was immediately fascinated by the idea and ended up splitting my classes between HCI and artificial intelligence. 

What I've been working on 

Most recently I have been building the UX Design and Research teams at Purple. Prior to that I built and lead teams at Experian, Belkin and Linksys, was a UX consultant, entrepreneur and software engineer.

What I'm curious about

I love learning about the evolutionary history of humans and human culture and am usually in the midst of reading a related book.

I spend my spare time at home engaged in woodworking, metalworking, electrical engineering, CNC, and CAD usually while listening to a D&D podcast.

Contact info

Email me at: daniel@frysinger.net or call me at 310-525-9922